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 Frequently Asked Questions 
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  • Progress Updates
    We love to hear from our customers and enjoy speaking with you; however, in regard to frequent progress updates: Due to the large number of progress update requests we receive on a daily basis, we must post that all orders are on schedule. Many requests are bi-weekly, so adding quite a few of those up per order means we're spending a huge amount of time emailing to let folks know that orders are still right on schedule and that parts are being assembled. The more time we spend in production, the sooner each order can be completed. If we reach a point where we can ship sooner that expected, we would certainly notify you first. Thank you for understanding.  back to top

  • Durability
    Our silicone love dolls are VERY durable and the entry points are made for full-size insertion of male genital anatomy. Our dolls will last for many years to come with proper care. Use water-based lubes with silicone. Silicone dolls are not made to be used with non-human friction. Although you can use a dildo on our dolls, they are not intended for that! Rubber against rubber friction creates a grabbing kind of friction that can eventually tear silicone if proper amount of lube is not used. Try using a dildo without proper lube on a human female, and you will hear plenty of complaints about tearing as well. Lube is very important! She takes it like a lady, and the more lube there is, the more she will do for you. Our dolls are designed for great durability with even extra-large male anatomy. Our dolls are not designed for fisting or foot insertion, and using any doll this way is not recommended. More than a sex toy, our silicone love dolls are great companions!  back to top

  • Realistic sex?
    These dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. The experience is like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full-body view of her during intercourse. It's very much like the full view you wish you had during sex, but couldn't ...until now.  back to top

  • Safe sex?
    The sex is 100% safe. Our design confines the vaginal canal walls within safety limits to all internal anatomy. There are no wires or sharp parts within any of our dolls.   back to top

  • How do we do it?
    A great deal of research and development went into designing our dolls to make it possible to enjoy both realistic beauty and great sex. There are even more possibilities for sexual exploration with a VirginRose Doll, and her conveniently small size makes her a dream come true. Intelligent, beautifully artistic design is what we are all about. A very sexy doll!  back to top

  • Water proof?
    Yes, they are water proof and will not absorb water. These are silicone dolls (non-porous).  back to top

  • Warming the doll?
    Our dolls can be warmed in a hot bath or heating blanket and will retain the heat for some time. We do not recommend boiling the doll, as the eyes, hair and parts of the internal skeleton could become soft until the doll cools. This is part of what keeps our dolls realistic and light-weight.  back to top

  • Anal insertion?
    Yes. All Kelu dolls currently come with two entries.  back to top

  • Other body types?
    Yes, we are working on including several other body types; however, for the present, we offer many varieties of pigment, wig and makeup styles.  back to top

  • Care?
    Care for your doll like a real woman. Her joints are designed to bend in normal ways. Force them, and just like a real woman -- you will break her. Never force anything in the wrong direction. Do not use anything other than water-based lubes! Avoid dragging her over rough surfaces. Skin grows and heals, silicone does not. Do not bite her nipples off and she will love you back. The main idea is to use common sense and she will last for years.  back to top

  • Cleaning?
    Clean before and after every use. We recommend keeping her in a breathable bag to avoid foreign matter and dust. Use mild soap and water and flush her canal well each time and right away. We offer a shower attachment which makes cleaning easy.  back to top

  • Storage?
    The very best way to store her is to lay her on her back on Memory Foam with legs and arms slightly apart. Avoid laying heavy object on her, as impressions that don't go away could result.  back to top

  • Custom work?
    Yes, we do custom work, but at this point we are fairly busy filling orders and have little time for anything elaborate. We prefer any ideas to be submitted via email in writing for a quote, and only serious inquiries will be answered if we are interested. We will not make dolls in the likeness of children under any circumstances, so do not ask. We only produce dolls with adult proportions, so we will not consider requests of any other kind.  back to top

  • Just girls?
    We have designs in the works to produce a male doll as well as requests for shemale dolls, which we are considering.  back to top

  • Returns -- what if I change my mind?
    No returns are accepted under any circumstances. All sales are final. Due to the nature of sex toys, returns are not allowed for any reason. You may cancel your order prior to work being started on your doll, and there is a 10% cancellation fee. *Work commences upon payment clearing.  back to top

  • How long a wait?
    We currently have a 4 month waiting list; however, that time could change. Orders are processed and filled in the order in which they are received. We have not had last shipments and the possibility is that your order could be ready sooner -- if so, we will let you know.  back to top

  • Visit?
    We currently are not set up to have the public enter our production studio. If you have questions about our products that don't violate our trade secrets policy, please email.  back to top

  • Why so expensive?
    Our dolls are not expensive. The materials used are very expensive and the amount of time involved in the manufacturing process is highly labor intensive, and even more so with the added difficulty of detailing and tolerances of smaller proportions. Sex with our dolls is is realistic and the conveniences of her size make our dolls incredibly practical. Our prices are very low. Compared with other options, our dolls are very affordable and with care will last for many years.  back to top

  • Is the doll small?
    The Kelu doll measures 32.5 inches tall -- the smallest full-body, functional love doll in the USA! Her privates are nearly actual size and designed to look natural. The penetration is like a full sized woman, and the size of the doll does not inhibit the realism of actual sex with a full-sized woman. Take a look at a yard stick, and examine her anatomy -- you'll see that she is large enough to fully enjoy, and small enough to conceal. Perfection.  back to top

  • Justification?
    Many women have become upset with the new market of silicone dolls for men. We attempt to address this here. The products we sell do not exploit women, nor do we suggest women could or should be replaced with a synthetic. We respect the beauty all women possess, both inside and out. What we do is offer synthetic females to art collectors, the relationship weary, to those desiring to satisfy cravings on 'their' terms, alternatives to those who may either feel a bit socially awkward or have physical issues, or to those with very active drives. We personally do not know anyone who has not experienced one or more of these at some point in life, and our synthetic females fill that void very well where a real flesh relationship may not be possible or desired. The synthetic products market for women made to assist females without the aid of men have all been widely accepted as an alternative for women for very many years. These helps are not intended to replace a relationship companion, but are more than capable of fulfilling a growing portion of one, where no other alternative is present in a given situation. Not to mention, they are just plain FUN!  back to top

  • About Eyes
    Our eyes are replaceable; however, the eyelids are very thin and delicate -- doing so requires skill not to tear the silicone of the eyelid. We recommend that the eyes not be replaced for this reason, and there should be no need to do so, as they will last for many years to come. Our eyes are fixed -- no movement. We decided on this so as to remove the frustration of doll owners fiddling with alignment. Although some of our gallery pictures show varied positions, the eyes we include have been set in the best possible position. Yes, you can carefully remove them and eliminate the tab on the back of the eyeball so that they are each movable, but natural alignment is then difficult and the removal process may damage eyelid or lashes, so we do not recommend it.  back to top

  • Oral Entry
    We have had many queries asking about the addition of oral to our dolls. The reason they don't have it now is because of the size. The mouth would need to be proportionately larger to allow for that and the appearance would much less cute; however, a larger open mouth could be included for an extra charge. In addition, we do have plans for a larger doll with oral capability as standard.  back to top

    Prices based on an order of 1 doll: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Shipping to Europe: $400. (Other destinations may be more -- quoted on location) *MUST be added to total manually ______________ Canadian Shipping is $200. ______________ USA SHIPPING: Shipping within the continental United States: $79.00 Please check our order page for shipping table.  back to top

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